About me and Monkey

I’m a 28-year-old mum of one Monkey constantly avoiding doing my roots and cleaning the oven! I’m bad at housework, good at bargain-hunting and forever battle with mummy-guilt and the search for the good life.
I work full-time as a PR Account Manager because I want to be in a good job and because I have to be in a good job – living in Twickenham is expensive and a part-time wage won’t do. I want to find that elusive balance between being mum and being me. I want the best for my family and I want somewhere we can grow; not be cramped in like sardines. In short, I want things to change!
That aside, I’m a lucky lady. My son is the best thing in my world, I have thoroughly enjoyed the two years he’s been around and I am constantly grateful that he is a happy and healthy little boy. He’s also rather clever and delights me and my hubby daily with his musings.
On the blog I’ll share his pearls of wisdom along with the adventures still to come – potty training, getting rid of the dummy(eek!), getting him to learn to sleep through the night more often and that constant battle for the good life.

You'll also hear about any products I find which make my life as a Mum easier and my baking (I dream of being the new Mary Berry!).
I’m on Twitter as well @mrsvickyo

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