Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My First Refurb Project...

As I've mentioned before after years of living in rented accomodation I have a lot of pent-up DIY just waiting to get out. And while I wait for what feels like a painfully slow house purchase to be completed - I have had to start somewhere.

And so I present my new TV unit!

It started like this...

And now it looks like this...

I'm feeling really pleased with this as I've never done anything like it before and I wanted to share as it was so easy and cheap to do! I got the unit for £20 off Ebay and then I brought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I'd done my research and this paint is the bees knees. I did not sand or slave over the unit, I simply put three coats of the paint on. I then put just one coat of Annie Sloan soft clear wax over the top. That was it!

There's not many companies who stock the Chalk Paint - their website lists the suppliers and we drove 45 minutes to go and get it. It was £16.95 for a 1litre tin but I used barely a quarter of the tin doing this unit so I'm going to use the rest to paint the kitchen cupboards in the new house.

We've got a protruding fireplace in the lounge of the new house so this unit is going in the corner with a couple of white shelves over the top for DVDs. I'm hoping it'll look like one of those fancy cabinets but at a cost of about £50!

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