Friday, 3 May 2013

Trying to Remember

Monkey is changing so much and although we enjoy every moment we have with him - it's hard to remember it all.

My husband and I were talking the other night and we realised there is so much of the little stuff which we can't remember - like how he used to say certain words before he got them properly.

So I'm going to list a few of things he is doing at the moment which particularly make me smile.

- When he sings Incy Wincey Spider he actually sings 'Wincey in the Spider'.
- He keeps telling us that we are being naughty and that we should "sit on our bottoms right now!". He's come out with this one so often I actually asked nursery if that's how they deal with bad behaviour and if he's just heard it a lot - they don't ever say it, he's made this one up on his own.

- He refers to all his friends at nursery using first and last names - very formal!

- When he wakes up in the morning he always tells us that he has had a "lovely sleep with little teddy and my dummy".

- The other day my husband and I were in the kitchen and Monkey was in the lounge. My hubby accidently hit his head on the extractor fan and cried out in pain. Monkey came running in with a very indignant look on his face, looks right at me pointing his finger and says "'Mummy, what did you do?". Err, nothing - honest!

- When he is being cheeky and not listening to what I am telling him to do I ask him who is the boss - he stares up at me with his gorgeous brown eyes and says "I am, Mummy." Too right.

- The other day my husband's work collegue was round first thing in the morning as they were off to an event together. When we got to nursery Monkey told everyone that Mummy had a man in the house this morning!

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