Monday, 15 April 2013

A Difficult Weekend

It seems ironic that I wrote only one week ago about what a lovely weekend I had had, when I have just endured one of the toughest weekends ever!

I've been ill having picked up yet another stomach bug, my 8th in the space of a year! The trouble was this time that my hubby was working meaning I was solo-parenting. 

He's a journalist - a job which pretty much doesn't give you a day off when you have an event to cover. So, despite my being ill on Saturday he had to head off, leaving me with a troublesome toddler.
And boy, did Monkey know that I was ill! He was so naughty, finding anyway he could to do whatever it was that I asked him not to do. At one point I ran off upstairs to be sick only to come back to find him hiding in the understairs cupboard, a place he knows he is forbidden to go.

As I lay on the sofa with a raging temperature he hit my head, as I covered myself in a thousand blankets to stop the chills he took each one away saying that I didn't need it and as I prised myself off the sofa to go change his nappy he stood at the bottom of the stairs refusing to let me past until he had sung me a song. Now, normally he sings 'ABC' at sonic-speed - this time he went as slowly as humanly possible. And just as he saw me almost fall to my knees he would get halfway through and say 'I start again now'.

Hubby was back on Sunday but still our naughty toddler stayed and tested both our patience to its limit.

It's funny I normally feel a pang when I leave him at nursery but today I just needed him gone and so happily dropped him off. Sometimes it's just not easy having a toddler and you just need some time to yourself.

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