Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Does The Dream Job Exist?

Is it a myth of TV shows and Hollywood movies that you can find a job which makes you jump out of bed in the morning and thoroughly enjoy the 9-5?

I’ve had four jobs in my professional working life and, if I'm honest, I have not yet found one that I really love.
I always look back on my first job, as News Editor at a radio station in Reading, with the greatest of affection. I worked with a lovely bunch of people and having just left university I was finally a radio journalist which is what I had trained to be. I got married during my time there and a number of my co-workers came to my wedding. This is also the job where I still talk to many of the people I worked with!
But this was also the job that nearly finished me off – I worked myself to exhaustion to try to do the best I could as the boss – starting at 5am and sometimes staying on until 7pm just to cover shifts. I know it wasn’t perfect and I know it’s wasn’t the best job ever (plus I got paid peanuts).
I’m soon to finish up at my current job – a job which for so many reasons has just not worked out right and after 4 times of trying I am left wondering if I will ever find a job I like.
So, I want to do a straw poll – do you love your job?

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