Friday, 22 March 2013

Monkey's Mummy loves...

This is the first in what will become a weekly post where I tell you all the things I've loved this week. This sort of post really sums up for me what I love about blogging. It’s an opportunity to share and learn from one another. We can’t each know about all the latest products or places to go but together, well we can be unstoppable!

I’m posting this as a linky from Modern Mummy which I am super-chuffed about because I bloomin’ love Katy’s blog and I continually hope to emulate the success she has had.
So here we go, the things I have liked this week.


Moving House - Usborne First Experiences book 

We are moving house in the next couple of months and although it’ll be the third house that Monkey has lived in this is the first move where he will be very aware of what is happening. I’m really going to take the time over the next few months to get him ready for the move and to make him feel a part of it. This book is the first step.
Monkey loves his books and we read for about 45 minutes every evening. I constantly see him learning from the books that he has and this one has been no different. It’s helping him to understand the concept of moving house and together with the pictures we have of our new home he seems to really understand we’ll be living there soon.


Also on the moving house theme, I am finding Pinterest to be such an invaluable resource. When we move we will be living in our very first ‘own’ home having rented for the past 7 years. We’ve always been cautious about investing in a rental property and so have never done much decorating. I have 7 years of pent up DIY to get out!

The Pinterest Home D├ęcor section and I have become best friends in recent weeks. Using other people’s homes as inspiration I have been able to design my entire house and in doing so I've also realised I have very expensive taste in interior design. But it’s OK because Pinterest is also a wealth of hints and tips about how to do DIY on the cheap.
I’ve also been pinning some gorgeous cakes I want to bake and just to inspire my husband I have a folder of photos of dogs I want when we move! (Admittedly this one is unlikely but a girl can try!)

Bepanthen Wipes

I want to try and always recommend something which has helped me as a Mum this week and this one has been invaluable. After a little tummy bug Monkey was really struggling with some pretty nasty nappy rash. As a child who very much knows his own mind (read: stubborn) he wasn’t letting me anywhere near him with cream. I think it hurt and he just didn’t want me touching where it was sore.

I got the Bepanthen wipes in a bid to be a bit sneaky. I knew that he would let me use wipes so I just used our normal sensitive Pampers wipes and then grabbed one of these at the end. The Bepanthen wipes aren't designed to clean baby. You do that with your normal wipes and then you get one of these wipes, squeeze it to release the moisture and just wipe baby as normal.
I don’t think we got as much cream as he would have done otherwise but seeing as I couldn’t use the cream this was a great second best. The packs are also really small so great for taking out in the change bag and avoiding the whole ‘cap came off, explosion’ mess.

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  1. This is exactly the sort of post I LOOOOVE. Thanks for sharing your recommendations! I'm a pinterest addict as well - I've gone totally wedding overboard recently ;) Thanks x1000000000 for linking up to Modern Mummy Loves, hopefully see you again next week! x x