Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to Tantrum Town

Next stop, the complete loss of your sanity! 

Wow, what an evening. Tonight as we made our way through the usual bedtime battles, a monster came and inhabited my son for 30 long and very loud minutes. This monster changed my sweet, talkative 2 year old into a thrashing, red-faced, screaming shadow of himself. It was scary, exhausting and I had no bloody idea what to do.

I’d read about the terrible 2’s and I'd read blogs from Mums recounting the time when the tantrums kicked in. I used to think to myself ‘yeah, my kid cries sometimes too – tough isn’t it?’. Oh, what a novice I am. 

I know now that what I have experienced before was merely a whimper, the prologue to some sort of 'war and peace'-sized novel.  

So tonight I’m going to research the terrible twos and try to work out how on earth I am supposed to deal with these testing times.  

And I’m going to hope really hard that this is as bad as it will get!
Simpler times - Monkey aged 2 months


  1. Oh dear, it can be very frightening to watch them when they are going 'full-throttle' can't it? It is just a phase, though, and you will come out the other side...eventually.

    With my first one I would be absolutely mortified if he kicked off in public. By the time number 2 came..well different story. I remember dropping #1 off in his classroom at school, while #2 had a huge tantrum because she wanted to stay, all in front of 30 kids, 2 teachers and however many parents! So I scooped her up and carried her sideways and calmly walked away smiling to myself!

    So I guess what I'm saying is, that it does get easier to deal with. And you will find the right way, I'm sure, and remember, it won't always be like this xx

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I do sometimes think I should think like a 2nd time Mum - you guys are much more sorted than us first timers!

      Last night was better - so I'm just going to try to appreciate the good days...and survive the bad! x