Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mummy Guilt Is Expensive!

Look at that cutie. With his new toys – one in each hand, and three more out of sight, his new cardie and his new slippers. It’s not been his birthday or some other celebratory event. No, this photo is a visual description of Mummy guilt.  

I’m at the end of four days off with Monkey. Having constantly beat myself up for being apart from him so often I sincerely want to treasure these moments and make them fun for him.  

And that’s been costing me because everywhere we have gone I have brought him something as a memento of the fun we have had together.  

What am I doing? He is hardly going to remember the trips we have been on, particularly since they included Homebase and Asda!. He is equally never going to remember enough to relate these toys to the trip and the fun that we had together. So, why do I do it? 

It’s not that I see spending money as a sign of love but it is one way I can make the working absence work for the both of us. Yes, I’m off five days a week but that gives me the money to be able to treat him. It’s not really much but it’s something which we will go home with and he will play for and enjoy for weeks to come.  

He might not get the reasons behind it but I do.


  1. Ah, mummy guilt. I am a SAHMer and I feel the guilt of not being able to buy everything I could if I worked. The toughest part of being a mum is not knowing if you should be doing something different!

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    1. Vicky - Monkeys Mummy5 March 2013 at 21:07

      We can't ever win can we and the problem is that the biggest judge is always ourselves! Thanks for commenting and having a look at the blog, jumping across to yours now x