Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Seek Medical Advice

I’m always very cautious to take Monkey to the doctor or worse still to the hospital. With the fear of looking like a panicky mother and the warnings ringing in my ears of our over-crowded NHS, I always wait… and wait… and wait some more.  

Sometimes that’s been the right thing to do and whatever has been afflicting Monkey has cured itself with Calpol and cuddles.  

Sometimes though I’ve got it wrong. He had a tummy bug when he was about one and after a few days I took him to the doctor only to be told he was dehydrated and I should have been doing more.  

This morning, as I went into his room he was stood in his cot holding his ankle up saying that it hurt. I got him out of the cot and he immediately guarded the ankle, refusing to put weight on it and wanting to be held. It looked swollen and bruised.
Entertainment in the waiting room
So, I reluctantly decided that I’d take the halfway route and take him to the walk-in centre. I got it wrong again, it’s just a sprain and Calpol and cuddles will do. But I was reassured to have a pro tell me that and not rely on my knowledge from Casualty and Dr. Google.  

Should I be taking more advantage of the NHS? I pay my national insurance after all. Or should I not feel guilty about holding back from going to medical professionals and instead just trust myself? 

I think it’s the latter for me.


  1. I always hold back, I don't want my children waiting in the drs surgery with other patients who cough without putting their hands to their mouths. if they are drinking & don't have a temp then I hold back. Last year though my 10 wk old twin boys had a cough & cold, I held back but after a wk I took them in & they were sent to hospital & kept in overnight. I had got them over the worst at home but a mother's instinct is usually right. x sorry for going on a bit there x

    1. Thanks for your comment and it's great to hear I'm not the only one. You are right mother's instinct tells us everything we need to know really! x