Thursday, 14 February 2013


We have well and truly fell into the overtired trap tonight. And it’s not the first time.  

Working full-time and long days means that we only really get to see Monkey for about an hour in the morning (unless we are ‘gifted’ with a very early start) and about an hour in the evening after work and nursery.

We all get home about 6.20pm, knowing that Monkey needs to be in bed by 7.30pm at the latest. But then he starts chatting, telling us about his day and getting us all playing with his toys. Time creeps on and I’m loathed to hurry him up as I want to drink in all the time I have with him.  

Then it’s like the anti-Disney Cinderella. The clock ticks onto 7.31pm and the mood changes. Monkey stops being fun and crumbles to a tantrum-ing heap on the floor. Then we try to put him to bed and he’s too tired to sleep. He wants to come downstairs. He wants Mummy to get into the cot. He wants to sleep in Mummy’s bed. He wants more stories. He wants song after song after song.  

Hubby and I have had to sit with him until he finally fell asleep at 9pm – tag teaming so that we could actually eat our dinner.

Parenting lesson - must do better tomorrow.  

PS. I promise that the entire blog won’t be about sleeping!!

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