Monday, 25 February 2013

A Perfect Day

Nothing special happened today – I’m still to win the lottery and be whisked away to a desert island – but today was the perfect day.  

After a week of stress and a weekend of illness today everything was just easy.  
  • Getting Monkey dressed for nursery – EASY, no tantrums and no complaints
  • Dropping Monkey off at nursery – EASY, got his coat off and he ran straight in with no fuss
  • Driving to the station – EASY, some traffic but not enough to slow me down and I found a parking space straight away
  • Heading home this evening – EASY, arrived at nursery 20 minutes earlier than usual to be told that Monkey had a great day
  • Put-down tonight – EASY, no crying, no insisting Mummy held his hand as he fell asleep.
It was all just easy.  

It’s so surprising especially for a Monday that I felt I needed to share.

So, let’s celebrate what went well today – let me know what was easy for you today…

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