Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mini-break with Monkey

I’m not a very brave parent. Two years ago when Monkey was born rather than making him fit into my routine and my way of life – I just changed instead. I’ll always set out to avoid doing anything with him which isn’t entirely suited to him. For example, I’ll do the weekly shop when hubby can be at home with him, I’ll always try to do soft-play type activities at the weekend rather than a mooch around the shops and I certainly wouldn’t dream of attempting an evening meal out with him in tow.

This weekend though, I was brave. We went away. With Monkey. To a hotel!

We’re thinking of a summer holiday this year, possibly abroad, so wanted to understand what it’s like to go somewhere new and my conclusion after a great couple of days is that it’s not so bad.

The hotel was fine although I think wherever we choose to go in the summer will need to be better toddler proofed as he had a ball attempting to throw himself down the stair-gate-free steps. Our evening meal, a very romantic anniversary dinner for 3, was not as bad as I feared.

We made it past the 7.30pm overtired barrier giving no hint to him that it was almost bedtime - he was dressed in his fireman’s hat (see above), downstairs and entertaining a captive audience while Mummy drank some wine. I was pretty stressed about how this weekend would go but it really was OK. We comprehensively tore up his routine and he moulded and adjusted with us.

We made a really big thing about the three of us going on an adventure and he loved it.

If I’m honest I’m still not sure about taking him on a plane and going abroad. I really want him to experience another culture – new foods and warmer temperatures – but I just fear it’ll be anything but relaxing. I know lots of people do take 2 year olds overseas regularly so any advice would be appreciated!

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