Thursday, 21 February 2013

Telly Addict Toddler

OK, here’s one of my many I'm not-a-perfect-parent confessions – I let my toddler watch telly – a lot!

Tonight I sat and had cuddles with Monkey before bed, watching ‘Night Garden’ with Piggle-Piggle and Makka-Makka (we’re working on it). He joyfully shouted along with the programme – laughing, pointing out things, and following the story step by step.  

The guidelines say that our kids should only be in front of the telly for about 30 minutes each day but I’ve never kept my eye on the clock and without a doubt we far exceed that.  

We’re telly people and I think Monkey is now the same. We always have the telly on – be it on the news channels as a bit of background noise or sitting watching something specific.  

Monkey’s really advanced for age with his talking and development and personally, I think telly has helped that. We have always sat and talked through what he is watching and asked him about it afterwards.  

The fear for some can be that telly gets in the way of kids wanting to do other things but for us I really think it has encouraged Monkey to do other things.  

He’s got a massive selection of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ toys and now when he plays with them he’s started to recreate the scenes he’s watched. He’s got books, clothes and cutlery all based on the telly programmes he loves.  

I appreciate the guidelines but this is the way I want to do it and it’s working for me and mine!

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